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Tesla adds 1,000 terminals to its European network of Superchargers

The network of Superchargers has been a major asset for Tesla from the start and has contributed to the American manufacturer’s dominant position in the electric car market, also in Europe. Now that it has opened many of its stations to competitors’ vehicles, Tesla wants to strengthen its network so as not to harm its own customer base while attracting even more “non-Tesla” customers. More than a thousand individual terminals were therefore installed during the second quarter of 2022. These additional Superchargers are spread over 80 stations, entirely new or extended.

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The main beneficiaries of this boom, France (+ 260 terminals), Germany (+ 188 terminals) and Norway (+ 118 terminals) received nearly 57% of these new Superchargers. But 13 other countries are affected by this development of the Tesla network, including Belgium with 16 added Superchargers.

Also in Turkish

In addition to its charging network, Tesla has also made updates to its vehicles with various improvements, including navigation software that can take into account new parameters – cross or head wind, air humidity and outside temperature. – in the estimated range calculation. The brand’s customers can also benefit from child safety for a rear door, increased connectivity in terms of multimedia and streaming and, more comically, the arrival of Turkish among the languages ​​available for the user interface.



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