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Tesla already has three years of Cybertruck orders to fulfill

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The Tesla Cybertruck is hugely successful in the United States. Elon Musk’s firm already has three years of orders to produce.

Tesla’s success has been total since the electrification of the automobile market is accelerating. The brand’s electric pickup, the Cybertruck, is an illustration of this.

The vehicle made a public appearance this week, but won’t hit production until 2023. Still, reservations have skyrocketed, and Elon Musk has revealed what Tesla has to do with it.

According to the billionaire, Tesla would need three years to fulfill all Cybertruck pre-orders. He specifies that he calculates this delay by imagining a sustained production rate.

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It’s unclear how many reservations Tesla has received, but that explains why the automaker has closed the floodgates. Indeed, Tesla is no longer accepting Cybertruck pre-orders outside of North America.

Tesla will produce the Cybertruck at its new Texas Gigafactory in Austin starting next year. The electric pickup relies on 4680 cells and hydraulic press to produce its chassis.

The situation seems to be repeating itself for Tesla, which is a victim of its own success, despite the increase in its production capacity. This is in line in particular with the delivery times for the Model 3, which reach almost a year depending on the model and the market.



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