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Tesla Autopilot is the assistance system that causes the most accidents

In the midst of an investigation into Tesla’s Autopilot, the NHTSA has published several reports on driver assistance systems. A study that is not flattering for the firm of Elon Musk.

The US Federal Transportation Safety Agency has compiled accident figures. The objective of the NHTSA (for National Highway Transportation Safety Administration) was to study the role of level 2 autonomous systems, and 3 to 5 in road accidents.

The result of this study shows that the Tesla level 2 system is the most prone to causing accidents. Level 2 driving aids more generally include an adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping and safety assistance to detect pedestrians in particular.

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Accidents attributable to this type of aid highlight the responsibility of Tesla vehicles in many accidents. A figure which obviously echoes the case of phantom braking, for which the NHTSA has opened an official investigation.

Reports of accidents involving level 2 driving aids over the past year show 392 incidents. Of these, the agency has 273 for Tesla electric cars. The figures come from several sources, mainly accident records. Complaints to NHTSA and the police are the other main sources.

Tesla does much better for self-driving

Autopilot currently falls into the category of Level 2 systems. However, Tesla also appears in Level 3 to 5 autonomous driving reports.

It is certainly the FSD Beta that appears in this category. Currently in the development phase, it has not suffered many incidents on American roads.

In fact, there is only one accident involving a Tesla with Autopilot in autonomous driving. Autonomous systems from Waymo (62), Transdev (34) and Cruise (23) caused far more problems.

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Moreover, these figures are gross and not related to the number of cars in circulation. NHTSA Administrator Steven Cliff explains the purpose of these reports.

“New technologies have the potential to help prevent accidents, reduce the severity of accidents and save lives”explains Cliff. “The department encourages technologies that do this, and collecting this data is an important step forward. »

“By gathering more data, NHTSA will be able to identify risks and trends to learn how these technologies work in the real world. »



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