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Tesla batteries could last over 100 years!

Tesla is currently working on the development of revolutionary batteries, which could last more than a century. We explain how.

Today, electric cars are constantly becoming more popular and are more and more numerous on the market. Technologies continue to evolve, in particular in order to offer more efficient vehicles, offering more autonomy and also being able to recharge more quickly. Indeed, if the network of terminals is also developing, the goal of the manufacturers is to reduce the time spent being connected for the conductors. But there is also a whole other challenge for engineers: increasing the lifespan of batteries. Indeed, it is still limited, although it is constantly increasing. The goal ? Reduce wear so that capacity remains the same over the years.

An innovative method

And it seems that a research team has found the beginning of a solution. Jeff Dahn, a scientist best known for his research on lithium-ion batteries and working for Le Tesla Advanced Battery Research, as well as his students indeed made a capital discovery during his work. By replacing the lithium, iron and phosphate generally used with nickel, manganesecobalt and graphite, the team succeeded in increasing the longevity of the batteries.

Over 100 years

Capable of containing more energy than in a standard battery, those developed by Jeff Dahn can also withstand many more recharge cycles. As a result, these accumulators could then have a lifespan exceeding 100 years. If it will still be necessary to wait before seeing them arrive on production vehicles, all this remains very promising!

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