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Tesla beaten by the Chinese from 2022?

The world leader in electric cars in 2021, American Tesla is racing behind China’s BYD in 2022 so far.

Tesla’s recent development has impressed the biggest automotive groups in the market. After a few complicated years during which Elon Musk’s brand has not gone far from bankruptcy, Tesla is currently setting sales records and is awash in orders around the world. In 2021, it was close to one million sales worldwide. A threshold that it should greatly exceed in 2022 now that the Model Y is well launched alongside the Model 3.

But Tesla could lose its leading position among electric car manufacturers. As you can see in these figures compiled by the specialists of, the Chinese manufacturer BYD is currently leading the race in 2022 with 391,782 cars sold in the first quarter of the year in the world, against 349,432 units sold for Tesla. Volkswagen is third with 194,506 electric cars sold.

Victory based on supply shortages?

Between now and the end of the year, many twists and turns could occur depending on any supply difficulties encountered by the various market players. It should be noted that BYD sells the vast majority of its production on the Chinese market, unlike Tesla and Volkswagen, which are more present in the rest of the regions of the world.



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