Tesla better watch out! The Volkswagen steamroller melts on the electric

The transition from thermal to electric is forcing car manufacturers to adapt their production chains. As a new central element of the car, the battery, for example, requires its own dedicated factory.

The answer to Tesla’s Gigafactory

The Volkswagen manufacturer with its strong ambitions has announced the creation of six giant factories in Europe, and we have just learned that the first digger kicked off at the Salzgitter site on July 7.

The Salzgitter cell factory will be the model and starting point for the global battery offensive — with six cell factories in Europe and the prospect of more factories in North America in the future“, specifies Volkswagen in a press release.

This first plant was built by PowerCo, the group’s subsidiary responsible for battery activities. The aim is to launch battery production in 2025 and provide an annual capacity of 40 GWh, or around 500,000 vehicles, but this is only the beginning. Massive investments are indeed planned by 2030, it is a question of 20 billion euros which would lead to the creation of at least 20,000 jobs, including 5,000 on the Salzgitter site alone.

Recently, the manufacturer thus confirmed the start of construction of a battery factory in the Valencia region, it should see the light of day in 2026 and also have a capacity of 40 GWh. The match with Tesla can begin!


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