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Tesla can finally start production at its German factory

Tesla has finally obtained all the necessary permits for its German factory, which officially opens today, a few months late. The exclusively electric manufacturer has planned a small ceremony in its Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg for the first thirty deliveries to customers, Model Y Performance exclusively for the moment. In the coming months, production will slowly ramp up to accommodate 12,000 employees and produce up to 500,000 vehicles per year.

Factory quality control (Tesla image).

If all goes well, this 227,000 m² factory will then be the largest in Europe in terms of volume produced. To achieve such a production, however, it will take several months and the beginnings will certainly be more modest. Eventually, the Gigafactory will even produce its own batteries, with a production capacity of 50 GWh per year, but they are currently imported from China. It should be added that the factory is designed exclusively for the Model Y, the SUV based on the Model 3, and there are currently no plans to open it to other cars.

Since the Model Y is expected to become Tesla’s most popular car, that’s not really a problem. Eventually, the German factory will supply all of Europe with this car, and the Chinese factory will focus on the Model 3. If you want to buy a Tesla produced in Germany, you can buy a Performance model in white or black, the only two colors managed by the Berlin factory to facilitate the increase in load. In the configurator, the German models will be delivered from April, against May for the models produced in Shanghai. The first models will also be delivered throughout Europe from the end of this month of March.

As in all car factories, production will be largely automated, although 12,000 employees will eventually work on the site (Tesla image).
Another view of the incessant ballet of robots (Tesla image).

Tesla is counting on this new German factory to bring multiple innovations to car and battery design, as well as paint. For now, the Model Y out of its production lines should be very close to those from China, but the first deliveries may reveal some surprises. The price of the Model Y Performance starts at €66,990, with a limited catalog of options, as always with the manufacturer.

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