Tesla continues to expand its superchargers for everyone

Try Tesla continuing to expand its superchargers for everyone?

Configure your vehicle Tesla continues to expand its superchargers for everyone or request a free trial.

The American brand’s pilot program extends to five new European countries where some of the superchargers are now accessible to all non-Tesla electric vehicles.

Launched in November 2021 in the Netherlands, the network of superchargers for everyone continues to expand. After Norway, Germany and France, Tesla is continuing its pilot program with the opening of five new countries: the United Kingdom, Spain, Belgium, Sweden and Austria.

As for the programs already launched, the device focuses first on a few pilot stations. In the United Kingdom, the 15 stations concerned have 158 charging points. They represent approximately 20% of the country’s network, which has a total of 780 connectors distributed in nearly 90 stations.

The principle of access to superchargers does not change. Owners will need to use the Tesla app to create an account and activate the stations. Two formulas are offered, one of which includes a subscription allowing you to benefit from top-ups at preferential rates.

A large-scale deployment that is long overdue

If all the Dutch stations are now open and a large part of the Norwegian network is accessible, Tesla is still slow to open the floodgates to other European countries.

In France, the program was initiated at the beginning of 2022 and has hardly changed since. To date, only 18 of the manufacturer’s stations are accessible to all models on the market in France. As the summer holidays approach, we cross our fingers that the situation will change in the coming weeks.

Map of superchargers open to all electric vehicles in France as of 18.05.2022

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