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Tesla could lower its prices by the end of the year

Embarrassed by the many increases in the price of his cars in recent months, the boss of Tesla hopes that they will soon be able to drop.

In recent months, the price of Tesla vehicles has not stopped climbing. Last February, the Tesla Model 3 was trading from €43,800. Currently, the model starts at €53,490. An increase of €10,000 in just a few weeks!

Elon Musk explains this increase, also concerning other models in the Tesla range in Europe and the rest of the world, by a big inflation in the price of materials and production problems. But he wants to be reassuring for the future: “I think inflation will drop by the end of the year. It’s not a promise, but hopefully we can lower the prices a bit soon.”

A jam-packed order book

Tesla has no problem finding customers anyway, since its order book is currently jam-packed in our market. Delivery times have therefore increased significantly since last year.



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