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Tesla delivers Superchargers… in a Tesla truck!

In a video posted on its Twitter account, Tesla reveals a little more about its future electric semi-trailer. The Tesla Semi, whose concept dates back to 2017, has not yet found its way to mass production, but we can hope that the manufacturer will finally complete 5 years of testing!

As we can see in the video, the Tesla Semi has two supercharger modules, each with four individual “steles”. After delivery and connection of the assembly, it is therefore eight cars that can be loaded simultaneously thanks to a power ranging up to 250kW !

Marketing and strategic challenge

To obtain a maximum of information before its production, it is essential for the firm to run this Semi in real conditions. Recently, he was also seen with a Tesla Cybertruck at the Michigan International Speedway or on a highway in California. The latest rumors announced a marketing for May 2021… But we have to believe that Tesla strategically prefers to take the necessary time to ensure a positive marketing image. Indeed, using an electric truck to deliver Superchargers has something quite symbolic for the company.

truck performance

Even if we have little information on its final version, the Tesla Semi would be capable of 0 to 96 km/h in 5 seconds empty ! With a 36 ton trailer, it can complete the exercise in 20 seconds. Thanks to a battery with a capacity of 500 kWh and an announced consumption of 1.25kWh/kmit would have a range ranging from 480 to 800 km depending on the version.

On the price side, Tesla announces between $150,000 and $180,000 depending on the autonomy chosen, approximately between 126,200 euros and 151,500 euros. The official start of its marketing is slow, but we can assume this time that the production will begin in early 2023.

Load and deliver

The Superchargers in these images are prefabricated in the factory. They should allow Tesla to logistically accelerate its deployment of terminals with consistent quality. Unlike a single terminal that must be connected to the network, the fact of grouping them drastically reduces their installation time. On earth or in the air, we don’t stop Elon Musk. We could also very well imagine in the future Tesla Semis which would be able to deliver these chargers in a way autonomous… Reality will then exceed fiction, who knows! In the meantime, future drivers of these Tesla Semis will be able to take advantage of the Autopilot function, well known in the world of the brand.

If you want to discover Tesla’s future truck, watch the video below:

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