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Tesla deploys Starlink terminals on Superchargers to offer Wi-Fi

The collaboration between Starlink and Tesla continues: new Superchargers have been seen in the United States, equipped with Starlink’s rectangular antenna. Offering Wi-Fi at its charging stations will become the standard for Tesla.

A Tesla Supercharger // Source: Frandroid

If the first Tesla Superchargers with Starlink terminals had been seen last fall, there had been no news on this subject since. Today, a Reddit user reports that a new station has been equipped, which confirms what was announced by Elon Musk several months ago.

From Wi-Fi for all to the Supercharger

With charging sessions that sometimes last a few tens of minutes, some Tesla drivers and passengers prefer to stay in their vehicle rather than get out. Thus, thanks to the infotainment system which offers Netflix, Disney + or even YouTube, everyone would have something to do.

However, to take advantage of these platforms natively on the screen of a Tesla, it is necessary to pay for premium connectivity at 9.99 euros per month, otherwise a Wi-Fi connection is required. It is of course possible to share the connection of your smartphone to overcome this lack, but this is not necessarily practical for everyone.

Offering Wi-Fi when people charge at a Supercharger ensures they have an optimal charging experience if they want to stay on board the vehicle. In addition, for Tesla owners who do not have the possibility of parking their car near a Wi-Fi network, it allows downloading updates of on-board software or maps.

Starlink Supercharger
A Starlink terminal at the Lexington Supercharger in Kentucky // Source: Bubblegum_99 on Reddit

Starlink offers a terminal available in France for 99 euros per month, to which must be added the price of the equipment which amounts to 634 euros. For Tesla, if the use of Starlink proves satisfactory, it could be an opportunity to abandon the conventional internet connection that Superchargers need to be monitored remotely. With both companies having CEO Elon Musk, it’s a safe bet the collaboration shouldn’t be a problem.

The news is rich at the moment for Starlink, with in particular the Tesla trailer prototype with solar range extender connected to the Internet via Starlink or the possibility for Starlink to offer Internet access from any vehicle in motion. in the USA.

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