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Tesla doesn’t have enough technicians to fix its cars on the road

In the United States, Tesla is forced to use people from the sales department to do basic repairs, because the brand lacks technicians. A problem she probably hadn’t anticipated.

Selling cars is good, but fixing them on time is better. Unfortunately, there are many examples of customers waiting weeks or even months for a spare part, and there is also a human resources problem. The Californian manufacturer, particularly in the United States, lacks the manpower to carry out repairs and maintenance operations on a Tesla fleet estimated at 2.2 million cars worldwide since its creation. Including, of course, a good part in the country of Uncle Sam. To compensate for the lack of technicians, Tesla calls on… the commercial part.

Train Tesla mechanics

Tesla today comes up against the difficult life of a major car manufacturer: numerous recalls (sometimes costly), and the always very thorny issue of after-sales. For now, according to Electrek, Tesla reportedly assigned some sales department employees for simple maintenance. But that obviously won’t be enough. Tesla will have to go further, and train staff. The brand is therefore joining forces with an American professional training institute (Lincoln Educational Services Corporation) for three years in order to increase the after-sales workforce. It was about time, even if this will still not solve the problem of availability of certain parts, in particular in bodywork.

Published on 08/04/2022 Updated 08/04/2022 Matthew Ganna



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