Thursday, December 1, 2022
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Tesla drivers still dangerous and unaware

Some Tesla drivers continue to put other road users at risk by making totally inappropriate use of the semi-autonomous driving systems of these cars.

For many years, Tesla brand vehicles have been equipped with very sophisticated driving aids. Aids to assist the driver on all the roads he takes thanks to an adaptive cruise control, a lane keeping system, numerous outboard sensors and very precise GPS information. But these systems still do not allow the driver to discharge his main responsibility.

However, some users of these Tesla act as if the Autopilot could serve as a real driver replacement system. Like in the video below, showing a man making a very dangerous joke in a small sequence broadcast on social networks.

serious accidents

Remember that this type of behavior has already caused several serious accidents in the past. Until the Autopilot is 100% autonomous, acting in this way seems totally irresponsible.



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