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Tesla has become so powerful that it obtains a lane reserved for its customers at the border

In the Nuevo Leon region, on the border between Mexico and the United States, motorists will now be able to find a toll lane reserved for Tesla.

That’s to say ? Well it’s quite simple, only the convoys of the manufacturer and the motorists on board Tesla will be able to take this special route.

It may sound crazy, but Elon Musk’s firm has indeed succeeded in obtaining this immense privilege. And if this seems very useful for Tesla users, it is all the more so for the manufacturer and for its business.

Because yes, the 100% electric automotive group has just acquired a factory in Austin, Texas, not far from the famous region of Nuevo Leon. Bringing in components will therefore be even easier now.

But beware, this privilege could be extended, this is in any case what Ivan Rivas, Minister of Economy of the Nuevo Leon region suggested in an interview with Bloomberg:

What we want is a much faster and more efficient crossing. And maybe there will be a path for other companies in the future like there is for Tesla.

A more or less clear deal

If the conditions for passing this path are very simple to understand, the way in which Tesla obtained it has not really been clarified. Whether Nuevo Leon saw anything in return is hard to say.



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