Tesla has the solution to avoid traffic jams and queues

Tesla offers a new feature, allowing drivers to be redirected to less frequented Superchargers. Enough to facilitate recharging on the road to vacation!

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We know it, Tesla regularly gives us new updates, and generally tends to communicate massively about the most important ones, especially when they concern the increase in autonomy or charging power, for example. Nevertheless, some improvements are sometimes more discreet, although they are just as useful.

And this is precisely the case of the one we are talking about today which was discovered by an owner of one of the brand’s vehicles. On Twitter, Cybrtrkguy has indeed published the photo of what seems to be a new update, yet passed over in silence by the firm of Elon Musk.

A unique feature

On the image posted by the Internet user and relayed by our colleagues from the specialized site Teslarati, we can indeed see an astonishing message simply stating ” Rerouting to a less busy Supercharger” , to understand ” Redirection to a less frequented Supercharger“. As you will have understood, this functionality aims to redirect the driver to a more convenient charging station without waiting.

“Rerouting to a less busy Supercharger”

Never seen that one before. God I love this car pic.twitter.com/JkSDmENvcy

— The Cybertruck Guy (@cybrtrkguy) June 25, 2022

As our colleagues point out, however, this new functionality would not yet be fully completed.. Indeed, users would have noticed that it would not be possible to refuse this redirection, which might not necessarily be appropriate in all situations. On the other hand, some point out that this update makes them arrive at another Supercharger with less battery life than if they had arrived at the busy Supercharger.

In the facts, it is always possible to refuse this redirection indirectly by indicating, in destination on the GPS, the Supercharger that the car was trying to avoid. As for arriving on a second Supercharger, further away, with less battery, that will depend on the case, but it is possible that this situation makes it possible to recharge more quickly. Indeed, waiting for a full Supercharger can take several minutes which is wasted time.

A useful update but needs some tweaking

If this new update does not yet seem quite developed according to the first feedback from users, it should nevertheless prove to be very useful. Indeed, while more and more Superchargers can be used by electric vehicles other than Tesla, the risk of congestion is increasing. This is all the more the case with the approach of the summer holidays.

For the moment, it is not yet known if this functionality is available everywhere in the world, while Tesla has not communicated about it for the moment.

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