Tesla hits record profits | L’Oréal invests in the circular economy | The IMF is concerned about our dependence on Russian gas

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$3.3 billion| VSis the amount from bstarnotstartricks pervsa by you’re here for the first trimester 2022. After posting $5.5 billion in profits in 2021, theand constructor automobile begins this year with a record, business backgroundstar by Elon Musk has thus performedstar a progress of 660% compared to the first quarter of 2021 . Swe figure business, him, hit starslept 18,8 billion of dollars.


Ahmed Kammer | The Europe director of the international monetary fund has said that Europe is in a position to go without Russian gas in the next six months but not beyond, “if the interruption were to last until winter, or even over a longer period, this would have significant negative effects” for Ahmed Kammer the massive use of gas stocks would lead to a substantial rise in prices which have already reached peaks.

NEWS ➡L’Oréal invested in circular economy| The world number one in cosmetics announced on Thursday the launch of a new impact investing fund. According to Alexandra Palt, the general director of social and environmental responsibility of the French group “It is a fund that aims to be open to other investors: institutions, companies, individuals, etc.” Mainly based on continents “where there is a certain maturity on the circular economy” This background “will support start-ups and companies from North America, Europe and Asia developing a circular use of resources, in sectors as varied as new materials for the bio-economy, circular solutions for the packaging, recycling and waste, logistics and eco-efficient processes” L’oreal is contributing 50 million euros to the creation of “we want to invest in projects that have proven themselves, where the test phase is completed and where we move to a launch phase, we give scale”said Alexandra Palt.

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