Tesla: In the Shanghai factory, employees forced to sleep on the floor

While the city of Shanghai is confined, due to the epidemic resumption of Covid-19, many companies are at a standstill. The Tesla factory has returned to service, but with very strict measures in place, reports Bloomberg. The site operates in a closed loop, to avoid any external contamination. Concretely, no employee can leave the site. The automaker said in a memo that it would provide each worker with a sleeping bag and mattress.

Since no dormitory exists on site, employees will have to sleep on the ground, in a delimited area. Showers, entertainment and catering will be provided. The memo also specifies that each worker will be required to undergo a daily test for the first three days, have their temperature checked twice a day and wash their hands four times a day, twice in the morning and twice in the afternoon. . Three meals are provided for each employee, who will receive an average allowance of about 400 yuan ($63) per day.

Tesla had notified certain employees on Friday, April 15, to prepare to enter a closed-loop system. While the city is completely confined, the manufacturer has so far distributed a special certificate, allowing people on duty to circulate to get to the factory. In the closed loop, only staff residing in the least risky residential compounds and those who have received two doses of the vaccine will be allowed to re-enter the site. They are expected to remain locked in the factory until May 1.

According to several sources interviewed by Bloomberg, employees of this closed loop will have to work 12 hours a day for six days, before resting 24 hours. Local authorities are encouraging companies to restart their productions, interrupted due to the city’s strict confinement, using closed-loop systems. So far, more than 600 companies have restarted their activities.

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