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Tesla is firing Singapore’s country manager just a year after taking office following Elon Musk’s warning about job cuts.

Tesla has fired its Singapore country manager, Christopher Bousigues, who had worked for the company for a year and helped the company expand its business in the island nation.

Mr. Bousigues shared the news on a LinkedIn post, saying: “Tesla has announced a 10% reduction in its workforce. My role was chosen to be eliminated starting today. »

According to his LinkedIn page, he joined Tesla from SAP in June 2021. In his message, he said, “I am proud to have been the company’s first country manager in Southeast Asia and to have established the company in Singapore”.

Further, Mr. Bousigues wrote, while explaining the growth of the business in the island nation: “Over the past year, the team and I have built the business from scratch, done of the Model 3 a common sight in Singapore’s automotive landscape, set up 2 showrooms, 1 service center (which I affectionately call the Jewel of Asia), developed a network of 7 superchargers across the island and successfully launched the Model Y yesterday to an overwhelming response. »

Earlier this month, news emerged that Tesla CEO Elon Musk had a “super bad feeling” about the economy and needed to lay off about 10% of the company’s workers.

Company executives received a message regarding Musk’s concerns and were also instructed to “suspend all hiring worldwide.”

The grim forecasts emerged two days after the billionaire told his employees to return to work or leave, and they add to the chorus of warnings from business leaders about the dangers of recession.

Later, in another email to employees, Musk said Tesla would cut its salaried workforce by 10% because it had become “overstaffed” in many places, while adding that hourly headcount would increase. .

It should be noted that Tesla and its subsidiaries employed about 100,000 people at the end of 2021, according to the company’s annual report to the SEC. This means thousands of jobs are at risk.

However, the US auto giant had around 5,000 job postings on LinkedIn before Mr Musk’s warning, ranging from sales in Tokyo to engineers at its future gigafactory in Berlin, to scientists specializing in the deep learning in Palo Alto.

Even on June 9, she announced an online recruitment event for Shanghai on her WeChat channel.

Musk’s insistence that employees return to work has already sparked some opposition in Germany. There are reports that his plan to downsize will also find opposition in the Netherlands, where Tesla has its European headquarters.

The billionaire had previously warned of the dangers of the recession in recent weeks, but his email ordering a halt to hiring and staff cuts was the clearest and most publicized statement of its kind. of a car manufacturer CEO, others having expressed a very high demand.

It should be noted that inflation in the United States is near its highest level in 40 years, driving up the cost of living for Americans, while the Federal Reserve has the daunting task of reducing demand enough to contain inflation without triggering a recession.

Meanwhile, Tesla has been scrambling to restart production at China’s Shanghai factory after Covid-19 lockdowns imposed costly shutdowns. Several analysts have recently lowered their price targets for Tesla, citing reduced production at the Shanghai plant, which serves as a hub for EV production in China and for export.

Importantly, according to company filings and China sales data, the Asian country accounted for just over a third of Tesla’s global shipments in 2021.

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