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Tesla launches insurance based on real-time driver data


Tesla Insurance, the automaker’s insurance division, is growing. It has just launched an insurance policy in Nevada based on real-time driver data. In all, eight US states are affected.

Tesla updated its website to indicate that its insurance policy based on real-time driver data analysis was now active in Nevada. In all, it’s available in eight US states — Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, Nevada, Ohio, Oregon, Texas, and Virginia.

Tesla originally launched its insurance offering in California, but the automaker doesn’t use real-time driving data in that state, and Tesla’s Safety Score is there for informational purposes only. educational. The manufacturer nevertheless wished to develop an offer linked to the driving habits of its drivers, and not solely based on the gender or age of the driver.

Tesla has sought to develop its Safety Score system, which uses real-time driving data collected by Tesla cars, to determine if the driver is a “good driver”. This score takes into account certain elements such as the number of forward collision warnings displayed on the dashboard, the amount of hard braking, the cornering speed, the following distance of a vehicle or even the forced clutches of the Autopilot. Since October 2021, the safety score is an element that allows you to modulate your monthly insurance premium in Texas. Other states have since followed, and Tesla has filed claims in Florida, New Jersey and Maryland.

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The automaker says it expects drivers deemed “average” based on their safety score to save 20-40% on their premium over the competition, and those with the highest scores to save between 30 and 60%. The price differences seem substantial since, according to the manufacturer, a driver whose safety score goes from 98 to 88 would see his monthly insurance premium go up to $130, while in the case where the safety score goes from 93 to 98 , for example, he would only pay $83.

Eventually, Tesla plans to offer such contracts throughout the United States. In France, this type of contract called “connected car insurance” exists through a connected box to be placed on your car via insurers such as Allianz or Direct Assurance. However, this practice is not yet widespread. Also of note, according to Index Assurance, “this recording of sensitive and nominative data on drivers is accepted by the CNIL under certain conditions” (see CNIL deliberation 2010-096 of April 8, 2010). But their retention always poses the risk that they will be used for purposes not foreseen when the contract was signed.

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