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Tesla launches its karaoke kit for singing in the car and is a hit

Tesla has just launched a new unique accessory which is this time only available in China. The car manufacturer sells a kit of two karaoke microphones, the TeslaMic, to sing in the car when it is stopped, we hope.

After the Cyberwhistle to make fun of the Apple Chiffonnette, Tesla has launched a new lifestyle product. The TeslaMic is a karaoke kit consisting of two microphones to sing in the car. These microphones are designed to work with the “Caraoke” service available in Tesla cars.

The TeslaMic – Credit: Tesla

Caraoke letsdisplay song lyrics directly on the central screen without interfering with essential driving information. The service warns that only passengers are allowed to read the lyrics for obvious security reasons. The driver can join the karaoke session if he already knows the lyrics. Of course, he can also take advantage of this if the car is stationary.

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The TeslaMic Karaoke Kit is already out of stock

The TeslaMic was available online only in China. The imperfect is required since it obviously sold like hot cakes in a few hours. The accessory is therefore already out of stock and we don’t know when it will be restocked. In the meantime, scalpers are having a blast reselling it for up to three times more on classified ad sites.

The TeslaMic was sold at 1,199 yuan, or around 170 euro. You can see his official presentation video in the tweet below. The advertisement shows the driver and his passenger in the middle of a karaoke session. Fortunately, the Tesla car is stopped at the edge of a campsite. We don’t have any additional information since the TeslaMic page on Tesla’s Chinese site doesn’t even load anymore.

Either way, the TeslaMic continues in the line of lifestyle products of the manufacturer. In 2020, the company launched its own tequila priced at $250 a bottle. Additionally, failing to launch the long-awaited real Tesla Cyberquad previewed alongside the Cybertruck in 2019, the automaker last year revealed an electric version of the quad for kids. Moreover, the Cybertruck will not be released before 2023 since Tesla does not plan any new vehicle model this year.

Source: The Verge



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