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Tesla Model 3: A reliable electric vehicle?

Tesla’s poor reputation stems primarily from issues with the company’s Model S, X and Y vehicles from 2019 to 2021. The Tesla Model 3, which Consumer Reports continues to recommend, showed average reliability.

The average cost of insurance for a Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 insurance costs an average of $2,215 per year, or about $185 per month. This is almost 40% higher than the national average cost of car insurance. Among the five largest car insurance companies in the United States, price differences for Tesla car insurance can exceed $1,000 per year. (The data for France are extremely complex to obtain, we remain attentive to the insurers)

What are the problems with Teslas?

Some Model 3 issues have been raised by various automotive sites:

  1. Poor build quality. through Electrek.
  2. Degradation of the cold battery. through
  3. 3 bug updates. Via: Teslarati.
  4. No towing capacity. Through Autoweek.
  5. Battery worn out. Via: InsideEVs.
  6. High repair cost. through LearnBonds.
  7. Autopilot problems. Through TimeMagazine.
  8. Occasional loss of power.

Most Tesla vehicles are unreliable due to body and hardware related issues. In the past, many Tesla owners have reported issues such as paint issues and uneven gaps between exterior panels. However, Tesla has worked to improve the situation and aims to offer more reliable vehicles in the future.

The Tesla Model 3 gains in reliability

According to the results of Consumer Reports’ latest annual survey, the California sedan has improved in reliability compared to last year.

Based on feedback from its members on a panel of more than 400,000 vehicles, the association has seen an improvement on the models of the Palo Alto brand.

Far from being identified among the most reliable manufacturers according to the organization’s estimates, Tesla thus gains four places this year, positioning itself in 23rd position with an average score of 39/100.

“Last year, the Tesla Model 3 struggled as it frequently changed its design and increased production to meet demand. But with production stabilizing, we’ve seen improvements in Model 3 and S reliability that now allow us to recommend both models.” justifies Consumer Reports.

Improvements that do not seem to concern the Tesla Model X which continues to be among the least reliable models according to the results of the survey.


Tesla vehicles are not very reliable. In fact, Tesla ranks bottom of the pack in most categories when it comes to reliability. This is mainly due to their poor quality. Still, Tesla owners love their cars, and their customer satisfaction rate is very high.

Another phenomenon that no one understands: the Tesla aftermarket. This is a trend that we observed very early on. Tesla owners are naturally geeks, enjoy customizing their vehicle and doing sometimes extremely complex touch-ups. Our US-based marketing consultant @TeslaChew has over 235K followers on Instagram. Look at his profile and you will quickly understand why!

If you are looking for useful accessories to improve your experience, we have opened a dedicated section here.

The second most reliable Tesla behind the Model S is the Model 3. With a starting price of $40,000, the Tesla Model 3 is also beautifully designed and appealing to the eye. This sedan seats 5 and comes with high-tech features and precise handling.

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