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Tesla Model S > TESLA will forbid you to adjust your seat!

With our cousinsankeesthe connectivity of You’re here opens the field of possibilities with regular updates. For example, 3 weeks ago, Tesla owners received a message asking them to limit their electricity consumption to protect the country’s electricity grid. A commendable initiative that moves away from the latest news circulating across the Atlantic.

Indeed, the engineers announced that You’re here had made an update that limited the use of power seats. He’s the source code robber @greentheonly who discovered that the manufacturer had recently added measures “ seat abuse in the programming. According to the engineer, if you move the seat too far, messages will appear on the screen, such as ” Excessive Siege Track Engine Usage Detected ” and ” Siege engine unavailable due to excessive use “. the @greentheonly however did not specify what the thresholds were for receiving these messages, but it would seem that if you ignore them, You’re here will even go so far as to deactivate the controls and put your seat adjustment out of order with the message ” Wait 5 minutes to adjust the new seat position. As the information caused a stir among North Americans, the programmer investigated further and discovered that the threshold of 90 seconds of use in 5 minutes would trigger the warning message, while 120 seconds of use in 5 minutes would completely disable the motor. Given these high thresholds, the vast majority of owners won’t have to worry about their seat controls disabling. But the question is why do Americans mess around with their seats for more than a minute, going back and forth on 1.30 m?



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