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Tesla: new massive recall following a big bug

Another blow for Tesla. The 2022 Model 3 and Y sold in Germany are likely to be recalled, due to the discovery of a computer bug within the eCall emergency function which allows emergency services to be called automatically after an accident , reports Reuters on July 3.

The software bug would prevent the eCall system from contacting the emergency services after a crash, with dramatic consequences that we can imagine. According to the Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt agency, the German road safety policeman, the problem would affect 59,129 vehicles which all left the Gigafactory Tesla in Berlin.

This is not the first time that the brand has been subject to a recall in recent months, due to software defects. Three of the eleven recalls aimed at Tesla since the beginning of the year are related to bugs of this type. This incident adds to the many setbacks suffered by the brand founded by Elon Musk since the beginning of the year.

Deliveries by US electric vehicle maker Tesla fell in the second quarter from the previous quarter for the first time in more than two years, held back in particular by the closure of its Chinese factory for several weeks. Elon Musk’s group delivered a total of 254,695 vehicles between April and June, details a press release published on Saturday. This is 27% more than over the same period in 2021, but 18% less than in the first quarter.


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“Billions of dollars” of losses

Elon Musk claimed a few days ago that Tesla was “losing billions of dollars” with its Berlin and Shanghai factories struggling to meet production targets amid problems at Chinese ports and chronic battery shortages, among other things. components – a real financial haemorrhage.

In April, Elon Musk estimated that Tesla would increase the pace as the year progresses and could produce more than 1.5 million vehicles in 2022. The group produced 563,987 in the first half. Instead, analysts now expect 1.4 million vehicles to be built for the year, a decline already priced in on Wall Street, where Tesla stock fell 38% in the second quarter.

Overall, it is the manufacturers of electric cars that are most affected by these difficulties. As sales of electric cars explode around the world, disruptions in supply chains are likely to slow this growth. China, whose industrial apparatus is idling, produces three quarters of lithium-ion batteries, the dominant technology, and controls more than half of the processing and refining capacities of lithium, cobalt and graphite.

As a result, you have to be patient before hoping to receive a new electric car, as delivery times can exceed six months…


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