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Tesla ordered to reimburse a customer

For Tesla, the sentence pronounced by a Munich court to reimburse the buyer of a Model X is not likely to burden the accounts.

On the other hand, for the image of the brand and the consequences that this could have in the future, it is another story.

Commissioned as part of the investigation, the vehicle’s technical report shows that the Tesla autopilot system did not reliably recognize certain obstacles in front of it, and sometimes braked incorrectly.

According to the court, this engenders “ a massive risk when the vehicle is traveling in built-up areas, which could cause collisions and cause accidents.

On the side of the lawyers, if it was argued that the Autopilot was not designed for urban traffic, the argument was rejected by the court, which stated that it was not possible for drivers to turn the feature on and off without being distracted.

As a reminder, in the United States the authorities are also investigating the Autopilot Tesla, after a series of accidents which left seven injured and one dead. The Tesla electric cars then collided with stationary emergency and road maintenance vehicles.

The sky is darkening somewhat for the Californian brand.



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