Tesla owners are 50% more likely to have an accident with their second thermal vehicle

Owners of electric cars, and more particularly of Tesla, are less distracted, more respectful of speed limits and less tired than on board their other thermal car.

At a conference on highway safety in an electrified car, Cambridge Mobile Telematics, which collects data from millions of vehicles, announced the results of a study of electric car owners also having one or more thermals. And they are amazing.

Overall they would have fewer accidents driving the first than the second(s), but that changes drastically from brand to brand. Thus, those who own a Tesla are 50% less likely to have an accident on board while it is the opposite for Porsche owners, with 55% more likely to damage their Taycan!

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The study does not provide a conclusion to clarify this strange attraction for the findings that fans of the electrified production of Stuttgart visibly feel, a little more for those preferring the machines of the brand of Elon Musk. Thus, the latter would be 21% less distracted by the use of their mobile phone while driving and would be slightly less likely, by 9%, to exceed speed limits than in their second fossil-fuel vehicle.

However, unlike Tesla, which assured in its last quarterly report that accidents in Tesla are much less frequent with Autopilot on than off, CMT has not looked into this specific point.

On the other hand, they are formal on another point: more generally, it would seem that it is refills which reduce the risk of accident in electric compared to thermal. Indeed, as the probability of an unfortunate event increases the longer you drive, the need for electric vehicle owners to have to stop more often, and therefore to take more regular breaks, reduces driver fatigue.

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