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Tesla: owners unable to get into their vehicles due to a server failure

The app is used like a key by Tesla owners to unlock and start their car. But at the end of last week, a server failure prevented some from accessing their vehicle, tell the BBC and the Guardian. Dozens of customers of the automaker have posted complaint messages on social networks to report these incidents. One of them, residing in South Korea, even received a response from Elon Musk, telling him to carry out checks.

About 500 users reported this same type of error on the app on Friday, Nov. 19, according to outage tracking site DownDetector. An incident that would have lasted a few hours, forcing the CEO of Tesla to publicly apologize. “Sorry, we will take measures so that this does not happen again”, he thus launched on his Twitter account.

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But as Stuart Masson, editor of The Car Expert website, points out to the BBC, the app is not the only way to access his Tesla. The owners have an emergency key, but they still have to carry it with them. “Technology makes things practical, but relies on a server that needs to be running 100% of the time. If we depend on one mechanism all the time, we can get trapped,” he said.

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