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Tesla recalls 26,000 cars over de-icing issues

Tesla has just issued a new recall in the United States. This measure concerns no less than 26,000 cars. Indeed, the manufacturer has found a software error that could cause windshield defrosting problems. This problem could obviously lead to accidents during this winter period.

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The black series of Tesla recalls continues. After recalling more than 800,000 cars in the United States for a technical issue related to the seat belt chime, the American manufacturer has just recalled 26,881 cars in the land of Uncle Sam.

As our colleagues from the Challenge site report, the brand has noticed a software problem that could lead to malfunctions in the windshield defroster. According to the details given by Tesla to the NHTSA, the American federal agency in charge of road safety, this error could lead to the involuntary opening of a valve in the heat pump and blocking the refrigerant inside the evaporator.

Tesla obviously planned to distribute an OTA software update to correct this problem. According to the manufacturer, this recall only concerns Model 3 produced in 2021 and 2022, Model S (all years combined), Model X (all years combined) and Model Y manufactured between 2020 and 2022.

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No accidents caused by this bug according to Tesla

According to the company run by Elon Musk, to its knowledge, no accident has been caused by this technical malfunction. Nevertheless, the NHTSA rightly believes that an incapacity of the de-icing function could drastically reduce visibility in cold weather and, by extension, increase the risk of accidents.

As a reminder, the heat pumps of the Model 3 and Model Y were recently at the center of an investigation in Canada. Indeed, owners have filed complaints for a significant lack of heat in the cabin. In this case, Canadian authorities were also concerned that drivers would not be able to properly defrost the windshield.

Obviously, this latest call from Tesla is part of a long series as we mentioned at the beginning of the article. In December 2021, Tesla carried out a recall of an unprecedented scale (since exceeded) which concerned nearly 500,000 cars. This time, the problems identified were at the level of the front trunk and the reversing camera of the vehicles.

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