Tesla says goodbye to steering wheels and pedals in its car of the future

Electric car giant Tesla continues to work on technological innovations for its next vehicle models.

For years, You’re here and his CEO Elon Musk plan to create the first fully autonomous vehicle. The leader in the electric car market has even set itself a goal: to design this autonomous vehicle for the year 2024. The independent reports that the company is now talking ” of autotaxis dedicated to designate his project.

Goodbye steering wheel and pedals

The idea is simple: since no one is driving the vehicle, it’s about reinventing the interior of our traditional cars. Saying goodbye to steering wheel and pedals that have become obsoleteTesla plans to create a vehicle “ fundamentally optimized to try and achieve the lowest cost per kilometer (comment reported by Ulyces).

Very interested in the concept of conduct autonomousthe new owner of Twitter thinks that “ this will really be the main driver of Tesla’s growth “.

Self-driving, safer than human driving?

As artificial intelligence becomes more and more entrenched in our lives, richest in the world continues to believe in these technologies of the future. Elon Musk would even say to himself “ shocked “if self-driving did not quickly become “ safer than human driving “.

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