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Tesla Semi delivers pre-made Superchargers to Laguna Seca

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Tesla demonstrated several of its strengths in California. The Tesla Semi has made a public appearance again.

It was on the WeatherTech Raceway, better known as Laguna Seca, that Tesla made the Semi reappear. Its electric truck, still in development, delivered Superchargers.

The circuit is indeed installing charging stations from Elon Musk’s firm on its infrastructure. It is a new model of prefabricated station that Tesla installed in Laguna Seca.

The manufacturer had already tested these stations in March, with an installation of 12 terminals in eight days. The Laguna Seca circuit is popular with Tesla owners, as well as tuners. The brand itself has set records on the route, in particular with the Model S Plaid.

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The presence of the Semi to make this delivery is a way for Tesla to do a double blow. Indeed, in the absence of knowing when the electric truck will arrive on the market, the brand shows that the model can perform tasks worthy of a heavyweight.

The commercialization of the Tesla Semi is still subject to the manufacture of 4680 cells. In fact, it will not arrive until next year, or even the year after, at best.



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