Tesla soon banned from circulation in Berlin?

German authorities fear that Tesla’s cameras are recording sensitive data. Action could be taken against these cars.

After China, Germany ? Tesla’s cameras continue to problematic. So much so that in several districts of Berlin the circulation of these vehicles could be restricted. Especially in front of some administrative and official buildings. For example, the prefecture or the police station of the city.

It is a circular emanating precisely from the police who set fire to the powder. The latter concerned a “prohibition” of the movement of these vehicles. The authorities, however, quickly backpedaled. “The circular entitled “prohibition” was only sent only in anticipation and is not yet effective. It only serves to raise awarenessthey justify themselves in this way.

Why are Tesla cameras a problem in Berlin?

The forces of order admit indeed ” to fear “ that the data recorded by the cameras can be misused. The latter fear in particular the fact that these recordings could, theoretically, be sent to Tesla’s nerve center in the Netherlands.

A decision that is not reminiscent of those taken recently in China. The authorities decided that the Teslas had no not allowed to drive near military installations. In Beidaihe, these vehicles will even be banned for two months, starting July 1. Blame it on a meeting of all the great leaders of the Communist Party there during the summer.

Elon Musk has however assured that the cameras of his cars are not used to spy. Proof of his good faith, he even announced the creation of a local data center in China. Still, that’s not enough. Could the same decision be taken in Germany, and in other countries, if these bans multiply? And what of other brands, developing such systems requiring the use of cameras? The soap opera is probably only at its beginning.

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