Tesla struggling with its Shanghai Gigafactory

The reopening of the Shanghai Gigafactory was possible thanks to the Chinese government. But this does not mean that the production is optimal…

On April 19, the factory was able to reopen after 22 days of closure due to the resurgence of COVID-19 cases. It was thanks to officials from the city of Shanghai that production was able to be restarted, authorizing the workers to return to work.

Result, last month, the factory managed to produce 10,757 cars, with sometimes up to 1,200 vehicles per day.

Teslas are among the most expensive models to repair!

In addition to the epidemic which is starting up again in China, the lack of parts has also prevented the smooth running of the recovery. The electronic components crisis continues to impact the whole world.

The CPCA, China Automobile Manufacturers Association, announced that Elon Musk’s brand only managed to sell 1,512 cars in April. The number of vehicle registrations was divided by 6, since in March, 65,814 sales were registered.

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