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Tesla Superchargers: the 800th French station is now operational in Avignon


Quietly, but surely, Tesla continues to expand its network of Superchargers in Europe, where 9,000 of them are in operation, including a very first station in Latvia. In France, the 800th station has opened its sockets near Avignon.

Tesla announces the opening of its 800th station in Avignon.


Tesla inaugurated its 800th charging station in Avignon, on the Route du Soleil. This V3 Supercharger has 28 charging points or outlets delivering up to 250 kW. We are still far from the 44 points offered by the Nebbenes Supercharger in Norway, holder of the record, but Tesla specifies that the “average is now over 11 charging points per station”.

tesla supercharger charging station France

Today, France has nearly 1500 Superchargers distributed in more than 120 stations. In one year, the capacity of the network has thus increased by 50%. Over the period of June 2022, no less than 11 new stations were activated: Avignon (84), Blagnac (31), Brest (29), Châtellerault (86), Metz Sud (57), Montpellier (34), Neuville- en-Ferrain (59), South Poitiers (86), Saint-Julien-en-Genevois (74), Saint-Quentin (02) and Tournus (71).

tesla supercharger charging station Latvia Latvia

Finally, Latvia enters the club of 9000 Tesla Superchargers available in more than 30 nations of the Old Continent. This station in the Baltic country houses four Superchargers (up to 150 kW). Globally, Tesla has installed over 35,000 Superchargers at over 3,500 stations.

Note that for the moment, the Avignon Supercharger is not yet referenced on the manufacturer’s website.

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