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Tesla wants to impose its own plug to make us forget the Combo CCS

Tesla’s plug is arguably better than the Combo CCS. To impose its plug on electric cars and charging stations, the American automaker has decided to make it available to everyone in the hope that it will become the new standard. At least in the US.

“North American Charging Standard (NACS)” from Tesla // Source: Tesla

When Tesla first started making electric cars, there was no dominant charging standard, so Tesla developed its own plug.

Since then, things have changed a lot, and CCS has become the dominant charging standard in North America (Combo 1), for all electric cars except Tesla, and in Europe (Combo 2), for all electric vehicles. , including Tesla’s.

Although CCS has been adopted almost worldwide, this does not necessarily make it the best charging standard. Most experts agree that Tesla’s plug is more efficient, compact and sleek. However, it is difficult to make it the norm, because it was designed by Tesla.

That ” North American Charging Standard (NACS) ยป from Tesla

However, Tesla is now taking a step that could help make that the new normal, at least in North America. The American automaker announced that it was opening its connection to the automotive industry, renaming it: ” North American Charging Standard (NACS) “.

“North American Charging Standard (NACS)” from Tesla // Source: Tesla

Tesla is taking this opportunity to make various documents about its design and specifications available to everyone. He hopes that charging operators will use this connector, as will all car manufacturers.

In the US, Combo CCS is not required by law. In Europe, Combo CCS, like the Type 2 plug, has been officially standardized by the EU and has become the standard for manufacturers and compatible charging stations. Hard to imagine NACS replacing CCS.

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