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Tesla will finally start production of its “revolutionary” battery

Tesla announces that the start of production of its new battery, incorporating 4680 cells, will start in the coming weeks at its plant in Austin, Texas.

Tesla’s new 4680 cell is expected like the messiah. Announced in 2020 during the manufacturer’s Battery Day, it provides for many improvements: increased autonomy (+ 16%) and lower costs. It is this new battery that is expected to be able to launch the production of the Cybertruck, Semi and Roadster without seeing the costs soar. The good news is that this battery would be about to be mass produced!

Production difficulties, but good news

During the announcement of Tesla’s quarterly results, Elon Musk indeed informed investors of a start of mass production in the Giga Factory in Austin, Texas, during the current quarter. But the American billionaire admitted that the initial schedule had been delayed because of the difficulty in producing the solid graphite electrode. The current production of 4680 cells is not enough to equip 1,000 electric cars per week. That is less than 4 GWh per year. Elon Musk reassures by indicating that this rate should be reached before the end of the year.

Tesla Battery Day
The Roadrunner project finally unveiled!

For the moment, 4680 cells are produced on pilot lines by Tesla’s various partners, namely LG, Samsung and Panasonic, but also in the Gigafactory in Fremont, California. They are then integrated into certain Tesla Model Y produced in Austin, Texas and the first returns do not report a revolution.

The final production lines of the 4680 cells should eventually be installed in all of Tesla’s Gigafactories, namely in Berlin, Shanghai, Fremont, Austin and in Nevada. What, with its innovative Giga Press, to widen the gap with other car manufacturers.

The competition is organized

We are therefore impatiently awaiting the production of these new batteries in order to be able to accelerate the arrival of future Tesla vehicles, and in particular the Model 2 expected at 25,000 dollars. But Tesla will also have to face competition from other battery manufacturers, such as the Chinese CATL, which is planning a 5-minute recharge time in the years to come and a range of 1,000 km from next year. While waiting for the transition to solid batteries which will revolutionize for good the lithium-ion batteries which have finally evolved little since their creation.


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