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Tesla will penalize drivers who adjust their seats too much

Tesla wants to limit the excessively repeated adjustments of the seats of its Model 3 and Model Y. With this in mind, a guardrail will soon be deployed in the passenger compartment.

Amazing feature set to land on Model 3 and Model Y soon – Credit: Unsplash

After the TeslaMic, a karaoke kit that allows you to sing in the cabin, the manufacturer may soon include a strange novelty on its Model 3 and Model Y, which lose autonomy because of their processor. According to hacker @greentheonly, who analyzed the source code of Tesla’s latest firmware versions, a system should soon prevent users from frantically adjusting the adjustment of their seats.

The hacker begins by explaining that the builder now uses, among other things, siege engines designed by Brose. This is a German company that already supplies well-known brands such as Volkswagen and Hyundai. Coincidence or not, the arrival of these new seats coincides with the integration of a new system aimed at detecting excessively repeated movements forwards and backwards.

Tesla wants to limit excessively frantic seat adjustments

In other words, if a user adjusts their seat too long, a warning will pop up after 90 seconds, urging them to go faster. After 120 seconds, the user will no longer be able to change the position of his seat for five minutes. In the vast majority of cases, this period of time should be more than enough for ordinary mortals to position themselves ideally.

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Note that the pirate puts forward two hypotheses to justify the arrival of this absurd novelty in the Model 3 and Model Y. First, it is possible that the seat motors often fail after being adjusted too much. Such a feature would then allow Tesla to preserve its seats and thus have less repair costs to absorb for vehicles still under warranty.

Second, the siege engines used at the factory would be “lower quality” so that the manufacturer would have “pre-integrated this check into the factory firmware”, says the hacker to The Verge. It remains to be seen whether all models (or only those equipped with Brose seats) will be confronted with this new limiter in the future.



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