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Tesla would work on its own App Store

To make life easier for Tesla owners, the automaker is reportedly working on an App Store, similar to Apple’s store, that would allow apps to be downloaded and installed, much like on a smartphone, report The Driven and MacGeneration. . It was during the last update of the on-board interface (version 11) that the suspicions of observers were aroused with the appearance of a bar of customizable icons at the bottom of the touch screen.

A possible novelty reinforced after the exit of Sawyer Merritt, a well-informed Tesla investor. Indeed, the latter retweeted a video of the late Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, presenting the App Store on Twitter, reinforcing speculation around the possible development of an application store by Elon Musk’s firm. “Rumor has it something similar is coming soon to someone who has four wheels and starts with a T,” he commented. Which leaves little room for doubt.


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A bomb quickly picked up by Teslascope, the Twitter account of a Tesla journey tracking application. “The rumor is out! Tesla has been working on its own ‘App Store’ since around May 2021 and will launch before Cybertruck deliveries,” he said. Tesla specialists already seemed to have spotted the automaker’s project as Elon Musk said that “Tesla is as much a software company as it is a hardware company”.


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If the information has not been confirmed, the development of an App Store would not be surprising, the car manufacturer multiplying the innovations. One of the latest was unveiled on the occasion of Chinese New Year, February 1. This is the TeslaMic, a kit of microphones for organizing karaoke parties in the car. The Electrek media had published the first images of this unusual object on YouTube on January 28.



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