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Tesla’s Autopilot would shut off just before a crash

It is a document that could have the effect of a bomb. As reported Futuristic, a report by the US federal agency in charge of road safety, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), could undermine Tesla’s Autopilot system. Involved in numerous accidents since its inception, the autonomous piloting system has always slipped through the cracks. But this report highlights sixteen accidents, all distinct. Each time, the Tesla cars rammed people stopped in the emergency lane or other emergency vehicles.

In all these files, the report points the finger at the Autopilot which would have “interrupted the control of the vehicle less than one second before the impact” of the accident. This would call into question the authorization to circulate Tesla cars equipped with Autopilot, contrary to what Elon Musk claims. Until then, Tesla has always avoided legal issues, arguing that drivers were misusing the system. The technology would not be in question.


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Future problems?

However, on its site, Tesla assures: Autopilot allows your car to drive, accelerate and brake automatically in its lane”. It nevertheless specifies that “the current features of Autopilot require active driver supervision while not rendering the autonomous vehicle.” According to Futuristic, NHTSA’s findings shouldn’t be enough to bring Tesla to court, but it could instill doubt in drivers. Callbacks may also be made.

Recently, the Tesla autonomous driving system would have caused untimely decelerations, according to hundreds of motorists. The car manufacturer had been summoned by the federal road safety agency to give an explanation. But at the end of May, Elon Musk had nevertheless assured that autonomous driving would be implemented by May 2023. In any case, the year is complicated for Tesla, faced with shortages, a series of layoffs and problems with its cars. The CEO of Tesla, in person, confirmed to have a “very bad feeling” in this affair.


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