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Teslas detect ghosts in cemeteries!

If you’re superstitious, you’re probably going to have nightmares after seeing this bizarre video of a Tesla parked in a graveyard.

Current Teslas are equipped with very sophisticated systems for detecting other vehicles and other objects located around the car. The system also detects pedestrians and can identify a possible danger of collision, then activating the operation of the brakes for safety.

In the video below, a Tesla is parked in the middle of a cemetery. And it is the elements detected by the sensors of the car, visible on the screen of the on-board computer, which are surprising: while there is nothing but graves around the car, the screen shows human silhouettes appearing then disappearing throughout the video! So, are Tesla’s systems capable of detecting ghosts?

funny bug

Note that these systems are not immune to bugs and that here, the sensors of the car probably have trouble understanding the environment (maybe the graves are identified as people?). But the bug will probably give superstitious people cold sweats…



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