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Tesla’s new feature rates the quality of your ride

To encourage its users to drive more carefully, the Californian manufacturer has implemented the Safety Score, a car owner’s driving assessment system.

Whether admired or distrusted for its Autopilot, Tesla is often judged for its driving choices. The last of them should not be controversial since the Californian manufacturer has simply decided to assess its drivers and encourage them to drive more carefully. Indeed, the Safety Score is a new feature still in beta version, which observes the driving of a Tesla and estimates its probability of having or avoiding an accident. Concretely, after an evaluation period of 30 days, the OS assigns a score from 0 to 100 to the driver of the vehicle.

How does the car proceed? It is actually an assessment of five points considered essential factors for safe driving. The on-board system algorithm evaluates the behavior of the vehicle on these five criteria, weights them and determines a monthly score.

The five factors assessed are:

  • Collision warnings
  • Sudden braking
  • Aggressive turns
  • Failure to respect safety distances
  • Forced autopilot disengagement

While the first four could be applied to any type of vehicle, the last is specific to autonomous driving functions. In effect, it is an attention assessment system when the car’s autonomy functions are activated.

Also see video:

Tesla says its Safety Score will be available on vehicles equipped with the latest update, 2021.32.22. Whatever the score obtained, the consequences should be zero, whether one is an excellent or a poor driver, Tesla having not communicated on its intention to use the scores of its pilots. On the other hand, this functionality seems for the moment limited to the North American continent. Once again, French users will probably have to wait.



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