The 5 new features of Google Chrome on iOS

The Chrome app on iOS will soon receive some new features that should be appreciated by users. Whether it’s the interface, the password manager or even security, there’s something new everywhere.

Chrome is modernizing on iOS

In the next release of the Google Chrome app on iOS, users will have the right to five major novelties. Without further ado, here is the list of upcoming changes.

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Enhanced Safe Browsing

The improved safe browsing offers increased protection against phishing and other malware. If you enable this feature, Chrome will be able to notify you instantly when a site appears to be fraudulent. In addition, if your username and password on the site in question are compromised, a message will appear on your screen to prompt you to make changes quickly.

Autofill passwords

This is a long-awaited option for users of the Chrome app on iOS. As is already the case on Android and Windows, you will finally be able to configure Google Password Manager as an autofill provider. Thus, your passwords stored on Chrome will be displayed automatically, which simplifies the user experience.

New UI

L’interface that appears when you launch the app has been redesigned. Whether it’s to do a new search, find an open tab or a frequently visited site, everything will be more intuitive. The same goes for the (…) menu at the bottom right which ranks the most used features at the top of the list.

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Instant translation

The translation of a page in the language of your choice should be even faster and more accurate. Google explains that thanks to machine learning, the app will remember the sites on which you have requested a translation and will instantly translate the page when you visit it again.

Chromium Stocks

With the establishment of Chromium Stocks on iOS, the search bar gets a little smarter. Concretely, it will suffice to type a sentence related to the browser to access the option.

Example, typing “clear browsing data”, the first result will send you directly to the button present in the settings that allows you to perform this task. Google cites other examples like “open incognito tab” Where “set chrome as default browser”.

All these new features will soon be available and the American giant promises that other additions are planned for the weeks and months to come.

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