The Council of State extends the suspension of Ophélie Claude-Boxberger to four years

Tested positive for EPO in 2019, Ophélie Claude-Boxberger, double French champion in the 3,000m steeplechase, had been suspended for two years, in March 2021, by decision of the sanctions commission of the French Agency for the fight against doping (AFLD). But the latter had challenged this decision – as well as the absence of financial sanction – with the Council of State.

On Tuesday, the Council of State finally increased the suspension of the French athlete to four years. It was about the sentence that Ophélie Claude-Boxberger could incur, during her first judgment. But this suspension could be lowered to two years, in the event of extenuating circumstances, or, conversely, increased to eight years, if another breach of the sports code was retained, also with a financial sanction.

The AFLD, considering that Claude-Boxberger, in addition to his positive doping test, was also guilty of falsification

, rightly demanded eight years of suspension. The French cross-country skier, who claimed, for her part, that the alleged facts had not been demonstrated, had asked for the cancellation of her suspension. The Council of State considered that the sentences of two and eight years were not justified and therefore increased the suspension to four years.

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