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the crisis or the beginning of the end?

LCryptocurrencies are in a crash. Since November 2021, the most famous of them has seen its value divided by almost three. For some observers, this collapse has caused these digital assets to lose all credibility for good.

The status of currencies of the future attributed to them by their promoters seems to be slipping away. With variations of such magnitude and frequency, it is hard to see how cryptos could quickly become a means of paying for purchases. Worse, they turn out to be highly speculative financial instruments, whose value is not linked to any tangible asset. They are neither a safe haven nor a means of protecting against inflation.

According to the most critical, these financial instruments have only served to enrich those who have been able to take advantage of their extravagant rise in recent years and the platforms that trade in them.

Finally, the production of these energy-intensive digital assets would go against the march towards greater sobriety to fight against global warming. In short, bitcoins and their clones would have been just a speculative bubble, like “tulipomania” in the 17th century.e century or the craze for Internet stocks at the start of the 21ste century.

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It is likely that, among the multitude of digital currencies that have been created in recent years, some will meet a disastrous fate, as has already been the case in recent months. Others should nevertheless continue to prosper. Cryptos, one way or another, are going to take hold in the financial landscape in the next few years. It is therefore not absurd for an investor to take an interest in it. Provided you know the ecosystem of these new financial instruments.

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