The end of telework went badly at Tesla, why?

At the beginning of June, Elon Musk had been very clear. Tesla employees working from home were all required to return to work in the office. And if there were a few recalcitrants, the billionaire was quite threatening by asking them very firmly to look elsewhere.

Since then, the employees have largely granted his wishes, except that not everything has gone as planned. According The Informationthe company’s offices in Fremont, California are simply not equipped to handle such a high flow of personnel, and parking spaces and workstations are in short supply.

Tesla is going through a tough time right now.

In detail, we learn that the number of Tesla employees has doubled over the past three years, while the arrival of covid-19 has led the company to opt for a form of organization where telework was very widely practiced. The problem is so great that according to our colleagues, the hierarchy even asked certain employees not to take into account Elon Musk’s requests and to stay working at home.

One can imagine that solutions will eventually be found in the long term, but this in any case illustrates the current difficulties at Tesla. Elon Musk himself admitted in a recent interview that his factories in Berlin and Austin “ are gigantic money incinerators right now. We would prefer a giant roar, which would be proof that the money is flowing. Berlin and Austin are losing billions of dollars right now because there are tons of expenses for hardly any return “.

On the side of the Berlin gigafactory precisely, there are reports of delays in the manufacture of the Model Y. The concern would come from the drive units currently produced in China and which do not arrive in sufficient numbers in the German factory. Customers therefore receive messages indicating that the delivery of vehicles is postponed until later in the year.

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