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the fastest electric car in the world?

If you acquire a Tesla Model S Plaid tomorrow, you will be limited in speed to 262 km/h. Enough to overtake easily on the left lane even on German motorways, but this top speed is restricted by the manufacturer, in particular for safety issues.

With the arrival this year of “Circuit” mode on the car, Tesla has increased this maximum speed to 282 km/h. But there again, the car does not give the maximum and it is always restrained. But that still didn’t seem fast enough for Guillaume André, the Quebec CEO of the company Ingenext, which specializes in manufacturing parts for electric cars.

A Tesla Model S that spins at nearly 350 km / h

He has indeed set up a small program which makes it possible to deactivate all the restraints present on the car. In order to fully exploit the potential of his Tesla, he equipped it for the occasion with Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires, smooth compounds designed for racing and offering maximum grip.

The Tesla therefore hit the road with tires, but also modified brakes. Guillaume André preferred the Mountainpass Performance, to the original Tesla stirrups. Once these modifications were made, he was able to survey the three kilometers of bitumen of the Trois-Rivières airport runway.

In a YouTube video where he shares this new speed record for a Tesla, we can see that it took almost two kilometers of track to reach the maximum speed of the car. The last kilometer allowed him to decelerate and stop the car before the end of the track.

Launched at full speed, the Tesla Model S Plaid thus reached 348 km/h with Guillaume André at the wheel. This is a historic record for Tesla, which had never before reached such speed. This performance also ranks very well at the level of road-legal electric cars.

Tesla Model S Plaid: the fastest electric (road) car there is?

Because the Tesla Model S Plaid is not a competition object, it is a family sedan designed to rack up miles during long road trips on vacation. By way of comparison, the Aspark Owl, a 100% electric 2000 horsepower concept car, is designed solely for the world of motorsport.

It is capable of exceeding 400 km/h according to the manufacturer’s statements, which would make it the fastest electric car in the world, but no track test has ever been carried out to prove this announcement. Among the cars that have already made the rounds, this performance of the Tesla Model S Plaid exceeds that of the Genovation GXE (338 km / h), a modified and electrified version of the Corvette.

While the world of electric is hatching before our eyes, these speed records could be broken very quickly. The Mercedes Vision EQXX concept car, capable of going over 1,000 kilometers on a single charge, could be a good contender if all that power was used for just a few kilometres.



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