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The first Tesla Model Y made in Europe arrive in France

Berlin-Brandenburg Tesla Gigafactory

After many twists and turns, the German Gigafactory in Berlin-Brandenburg was able to begin production of the Tesla Model Y. The first 30 copies, in Performance version, have just been delivered to their German owners. France will be served in a few days.

The first Performances in Europe

This is excellent news for all those who are seduced by the exceptional adventure of the American manufacturer Tesla: finally, the European factory is active and is beginning to respond to orders from new or confirmed electromobilists. The first 30 German customers served had all ordered the Model Y SUV in Performance trim.

Of course equipped with all-wheel drive, this top-of-the-range version is distinguished externally by a carbon fiber spoiler which improves stability at high speeds. In peak, it can reach 250 km / h on the highways across the Rhine, against 217 km / h with the Long Autonomy model. The exercise from 0 to 100 km / h is now achieved in 3.7 seconds, against 5 seconds for the wiser version.

The braking system has been revised and the suspension lowered to match the new performance. The calipers are just visible behind the spokes of the standard 21-inch Überturbine alloy wheels. Upon boarding, the driver is greeted by an aluminum-style pedal box. According to the WLTP mixed cycle, it would have at its disposal a range of 514 km.

France served in a few days

In France, the Tesla Model Y Performance is offered from 66,990 euros. By placing an order today, it would be possible to receive its copy during next April. However, the website for France displays a more cautious ” May 2022 “.

The first French customers would however be served more quickly and symbolically in a few days. The manufacturer promises hand deliveries before the end of this month of March for those who had already committed.

Most efficient and sustainable plant?

In its just received press release, Tesla is delighted to be able to describe its Berlin-Brandenburg Gigafactory as “ its most advanced, sustainable and efficient plant to date “.

The manufacturer states that it has ” worked with local authorities and associations to ensure minimal impact on fauna and flora as well as to replace the industrial plantation of existing pines with woodlands made up of 60% hardwood, making them more robust, diverse and ecologically virtuous “.

In addition, the processes will consume less water, energy and solvents per vehicle. Anyway, the Berlin-Brandenburg Gigafactory is the fifth factory in the world to produce electric cars from the American brand.

Since 2019

The announcement of the construction of the site dates back to 2019. The following spring, the civil engineering machinery was already turning on the ground. After 2 years and many adventures casting doubt on the future of the site, the production chains have finally been activated.

All of Tesla’s European markets will be supplied from there, initially with the Model Y Performance. And this, thanks to an annual production capacity that could reach 500,000 units if necessary.

To animate them, the site could provide up to 50 gigawatt hours of battery per exercise. Several production units are spread over more than 300 hectares of land, for vertical integration.

The largest car factory in Europe?

With a total surface area inside the buildings amounting to 227,000 m2, Tesla allows itself to assert that its site is positioned as being ” largest electric car factory in Europe by volume “.

At cruising speed, 12,000 employees would be busy producing on-site lithium-ion cells, electric motors, plastic components, seats, and other mechanical, bodywork and electronic components. The whole thing will make it possible to assemble all these trendy cars at the Gigafactory in Berlin-Brandenburg.

To date, already more than 3,000 employees have started working in the German factory. A vast recruitment campaign is currently underway, which should last several months. The profiles sought are very varied, ranging from production to the supply chain, including construction and engineering.



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