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The hardware wallet will soon be compatible with the mobile application

From next fall, it will be possible to secure the MetaMask mobile application thanks to the Ledger Nano X. Until then, the famous hardware wallets were only compatible with the application on computers via the browser extension, it is therefore a further step towards safety.

Ledger goes even further with MetaMask

If until then, we strongly advise against to use MetaMask on phonethis warning will soon be reconsidered thanks to Ledger :

Indeed, Ledger was previously only compatible with MetaMask through desktop browser extension. From next fall, it will indeed be possible to link your Nano X to the mobile application of the wallet. For this, it will be necessary use bluetootheffectively making the Nano S and Nano S Plus models incompatible.

Carl Anderson, Vice President of B2C Engineering at Ledger, welcomes the strengthening of this partnership:

“MetaMask and Ledger are self-preservation maxis, so it made a lot of sense for us to partner up to give Web3 users a great mix of smooth experience and top-notch security. »

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A partnership that solves a concrete problem

It can be tempting to manipulate your crypto-assets on the phone. This in fact allows greater responsiveness if needed. But the fact that the funds are not secured by a hardware wallet poses a major problem: MetaMask stores the private key of an address directly on the user’s machine.

Thus, any malicious file downloaded inadvertently, can potentially lead to a private key theft and therefore, cryptocurrencies. This goes for both phone and computer.

Although it is not a malicious file, last April an investor had a similar unpleasant surprise after a social engineering manipulation. Hackers had convinced him to carry out a series of actions, having allowed them to access his private key.

Faced with this, a hardware wallet remains the best solution, with the private key stored on it rather than on a machine with internet access. Thanks to the obligation of a physical validation, many of the dangers on the security of its assets are then eliminated.

Thanks to the future novelty of Ledger and MetaMask, the use of Web3 applications on the phone will then become more sure.

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Source: Ledger

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