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The lack of courtesy condemned by electric motorists

Drive kilometers to recharge and find a station occupied by thermal vehicles. It is the lack of courtesy that more and more electric car owners are condemning. This applies not only to Tesla Superchargers, but to all charging stations.

It is harmful to occupy a charging station

In a market as young as the electric vehicle, it must be understood that occupying a space reserved for recharging batteries is harmful. For the image of the electric car and for owners who have just equipped themselves without having a charging station at home.

We have several times shared photos of Tesla Superchargers occupied by thermal vehicles (notably at the Clermont-Ferrand Supercharger with Mercedes vehicles). But it is the first time that the discomfort generated by the lack of courtesy towards a new charging station occupied by thermal vehicles has been shared on the LinkedIn social network.

In the comments of this publication extreme reactions and failures are sometimes shared. Thus, the role of the municipal police is mentioned, who must come and verbalize these vehicles that wrongfully occupy these reserved spaces. It is also important to remember that in this case, whether it is a thermal vehicle or an “unconnected” electric vehicle, the problem is strictly identical.

Among the electric vehicle owners who were at the forefront, there were two practices that have apparently remained in vogue:

  • Depositing a sticker on the windshield of the thermomobile lost in a place reserved for recharging,
  • and the placement of a courtesy note on the windshield of his electric car to warn of the end of his recharge.

A technical problem or lack of courtesy?

Make no mistake, there is a problem and it will take time. The problem probably comes from a refusal by charging station operators to enforce the availability of spaces. It should be noted that this problem will quickly be solved if the trend continues, since the availability of spaces is an integral part of the economic models of these toll operators. In fact, a busy place that doesn’t generate money is a dead loss to the business.

The range of technical solutions for these operators is expanding. See the Tesla solution implemented in China to ensure the reservation of seats, but also to prevent this behavior.

It therefore seems that everything revolves around civic mindedness. Even if the process starts to take off, it will still take time for thermal vehicle owners to integrate the need for electric vehicle owners to recharge at dedicated locations. Empathy (you know, the ability to identify with others in what they feel :)) is therefore still and always appropriate. Why ? Because the electric vehicle space will only increase over the coming months and years.

This development is fast for owners of electric cars. It is also fast for terminal operators who install charging stations. And finally, it’s fast for owners of internal combustion vehicles who discover every month new parking spaces reserved for charging electric cars.

Here we are sure that this is the future and that this is the political, economic and industrial direction we must follow. Not everyone has to recognize it, understand it or even accept it. Therefore, before being too quick to suppress this behavior, it is desirable to give its owners of internal combustion vehicles time to discover these new needs. Which will probably soon be theirs or their children’s.



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