The Mysterious Whale Shaking the Crypto Market

Influencers have been talking only about her for months. A mysterious whale regularly buys astronomical sums of Bitcoin and then resells them at higher levels, amassing a small fortune over the months.

In the jargon, a “whale” is an investor who has a non-negligible quantity of a certain asset to the point of being able to influence the price of said asset by buying or reselling part of his portfolio, at key moments.

The whale we are talking about today has become a real star of social networks and causes both admiration and fear among influencers. Its complete portfolio and all operations can be viewed online, thanks to the miracles of the blockchain. At present, his account shows a total of 125,552 Bitcoin, or about $5 billion. Numbers that make you dizzy.

The identity of the owner of this account is not known. A mystery surrounds his identity, which makes him a real attraction on social networks. Especially since unlike most other investors, said profile does not just accumulate Bitcoin but “trades” regularly, generally giving good signals for sales and purchases. Many Internet users have indeed taken to copying the trades of the billionaire, who has managed to increase his fortune in cryptocurrencies over the months despite two dizzying falls recorded in recent months.

The “whale” is officially the richest wallet on the planet, if we put aside two accounts identified as belonging to exchange platforms.

Analyst Benjamin Cowen notes on this subject that the account “periodically adds non-negligible amounts of Bitcoin to his wallet, buying the asset at $30,000 but also $40,000”a positive sign according to him since it would mean that said investor expects to see prices rise significantly.

Benjamin Cowen is not the only specialist to closely observe the profile of “the whale”. On Twitter, TikTok and Youtube, many “influencers” today refer to the actions of the whale. Each whale transaction drives thousands of crypto investors to follow suit.

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