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The NFT of the first tweet in history is only worth 29 euros

The first tweet in history, one of the first NFTs to sell for a fortune, is worth nothing today. While its current owner had bought it at the time for 2.9 million dollars, the latter is displayed today at only 31 dollars, or 29 euros, on OpenSea. The cryptocurrency crash, coupled with the growing disinterest in NFTs, melted the value of the tweet in just over a year.

It is surely one of the most severe blowbacks in history. 2021: NFTs are booming with the general public and are more and more talked about. Jack Dorsey, creator of Twitter, then decides to ride the wave by auctioning the first tweet in history, written by him. The case is a success: the NFT sells for 2.9 million dollars. Sina Estavi, its buyer, thinks its value will continue to soar.

But a year later, it’s a cold shower. While the investor tries to put the tweet back on sale, the auctions are struggling to take off. As of press time, he’s only being offered $280. If the news had made more than one chuckle, then it was still possible that prices would start to climb again. Our colleagues from Numerama wanted to get to the bottom of it and the answer is… no.

The price of the first tweet in history continues to fall

It is even, in fact, quite the opposite. While Sina Estavi hoped to reach 48 million dollars with this sale, he who considers the tweet as “a piece of the history of humanity”, the highest bid is, at the time of writing these lines , about 31 dollars, or 29 euros. For a work compared to the Mona Lisa by its owner, it’s quite cheap to pay.

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Bad deals, the world of NFT has known a lot since its explosion, sometimes even by mistake. But few have reached this magnitude. “Who knows how much this tweet will be worth in 50 years? exclaimed Sina Estavi at the time of purchase. It seems that we now know the answer.

Source: OpenSea



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