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The Pixel Watch would require a dedicated app to work

Pioneers before the Eternal, 9to5Google journalists have decompiled the next version of Google Play Services, which explicitly mentions a certain “Google Pixel Watch app”.

Pixel Watch, Google’s first connected watch // Source: Source: Google

Formalized on May 11 at Google I/O 2022, the Pixel Watch would not be quite “plug and play”, judging by the findings of 9to5Google. Indeed, the mention of a dedicated application in the Google Play Services 22.22 code suggests that the watch will not use the same companion app than the overwhelming majority of connected watches on the market: Wear OS.

In detail, the Pixel Watch application would be necessary in particular for the user to be able to configure “Smart Unlock”. A feature also unearthed in the code reviewed by 9to5Google, which will automatically unlock your smartphone if the Pixel Watch is on your wrist.

However, before being able to take advantage of Smart Unlock, the configuration screen is final. First we must ” connect the watch to your smartphone using the Google Pixel Watch app “.

Screenshot of the Pixel Watch application interface // Source: 9to5Google

Google is making its ecosystem more complex

In itself, there’s nothing scandalous about Google forcing a third-party application to get the most out of its first connected watch. Samsung does the same with its Galaxy Watch 4, and our colleagues from 9to5Google reminds us that Pixel Buds headphones also require the use of a dedicated application.

Only, one would have expected that a Google watch running on a Google operating system would offer a slightly smoother user experience. By preventing us from having to download more and more applications, for example.

We bet that the next few weeks will provide more detail on the operation of his watch and its integration into the current Android ecosystem. As 9to5Google notes, it is still unclear how much this dedicated application will bring new features compared to the current Wear OS. If not a necessary facelift offering it, finally, the Material You look.

The watch isn’t expected until next fall, when Google is expected to introduce its Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro. But the watch is already talking about it, and not only for the better, because of insufficient autonomy in the face of competition.

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